OCTOBER 7, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28, 31

Limited Run & Custom Masks & Props

Welcome to the 2017 Haunt Season.  As many of you may remember we were devastated to announce Hurricane Matthew destroyed our haunt for the 2016 season.  We are excited to announce we are back with a better show than ever before.  Since very few of you were able to see the oversized HUGE Corn Maze last year we have brought it back for you to try this season.  One of the biggest changes we have made this season is the formal addition of the custom masks and props.  Now if you see something in the dark in the corn maze and you have to have it, the mask is available in the General Store.  All of our masks are custom made by our new Monster Shop!  We have been fine tuning our craft throughout the last six years and now are happy to announce the addition of Legacy FX to the family.

Buy a Custom Mask Online - Coming Soon

UPDATE: 2017 Season

Haunted Farm & Corn Maze

‚ÄčCustom FX Masks and Props


The Legacy Haunt