PG Ghost Stories

We felt like we were leaving the little ones out of the scary Halloween fun, so after many  requests we are excited to bring you a NEW Night-time PG Haunted Attraction.   The local stories will be interactive with characters in costume, and will be held inside.  Seats are limited for this event.  Bring your camera there will be photo opportunities after the stories - 

Great for the whole family!


Woods Trail and CORN MAZE - $17.00

​Local  PG Ghost Stories


​General Farm Admission

FREE with event ticket OR if you are accompanying paying patrons / groups

Terrifying Corn Maze


Come see what everyone is talking about.   Legacy Farms Haunted Corn Maze Attraction is better than ever this year with new scenes and format.  We will have terrifying new characters, and also returning night terrors that still live in guests nightmares from last season!  This is an exciting night out for the family, nothing brings a family closer together than FEAR....




​    We hope you enjoy this year's customer appreciation format.  We are currently under construction on a very large surprise for you for next year.  (It is that big - it takes two years to make).  Got to be big right? 

​Now it wouldn't be a surprise  if I tell you, but I might just give you a hint.  It involves the deepest woods on the farm, the place where we find all the animal bones and large footprints in the mud.  You think we are joking!  No those woods; where the real snakes, coyotes, and yes even bears live!  With a extremely rainy season (wettest on record in fact) we will be opening the surprise attraction in the 2017 Season. 

​    As we introduce new attractions to the haunt, we will keep the new format!  The most exciting news is the General Admission prices for accompanying guests.  Now chaperones, moms, dads, and grandmas who are bringing groups do not have to participate in the event, nor do you have to pay Admission Prices!  Great change - we thought so too! 

             Thank you all for participating, and we will see you soon!


This is our 6th season, we are just as excited as you are that the event has been a success!  We thank all of you who have participated to help us reach our goals in offering you a unique Halloween haunt experience.  We wanted to do something to show you how excited we are that you make this event part of your fall traditions.  So this year we have drastically lowered our ticket price and changed our format to include all members of the family!  

We have many opportunities for involvement in the farm, including actor positions, volunteer positions, school credit programs, make-up artists,, advertisers, and sponsorships.  All positions and advertising promotions are filled prior to September 1 for the current years haunt.